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Welcome to the Center For Gifted & Talented

We offer a small group program for after school and during the summer, focusing on the unique concerns of gifted children and their families. Our dynamic curriculum and specially trained staff tap each student's skills, talents and interests in order to motivate, challenge and engage them fully in the learning process. Activities range from science, mathematics, robotics, English, the arts, world languages, computer applications, and a broad array of other subjects. We also offer programs for gifted & talented students with learning disabilities(GT/LD)

Dr. Pat Webbink, the director of Center For Gifted & Talented, has over 40 years of experience working with gifted and talented children and their families. She has her Ph.D. from Duke University in clinical psychology, and began her work on gifted children at the Education Improvement Project in North Carolina. In the late 1960s she worked with Dr. James Gallagher, who directed federal gifted programs for many years.

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enrichment program small group tutoring individulaized programs locations sessions faq's register now